HOWARD TATE  1939 - 2011

Howard Tate, one of the great lost treasures of R&B passed away last week due to leukemia. He is credited with recording some of the most sophisticated soul and blues of the 60’s.

Though many have never heard of Tate, he possessed a powerful voice which worked magic on the songs he would sing.  His most famous tune was covered by Janis Joplin, “Get It While You Can” (from the same album released in 1967). Though she may have brought the song to a wider audience, nothing beats hearing the man sing it himself, obviously adding the soul and depth that only he could.

Howard dropped out of the music business in the late 70’s, but returned to recording in 2003, with a new album in which he covered Prince and Elvis Costello.  He continued to record and tour, releasing his last album in 2010.

Here’s to Mr. Tate and some amazing soul music and true R&B. We also applaud his impeccable fashion sense and hair that would make Little Richard jealous.